GGPoker 2024 GG World Festival – Finale

The 2024 GGPoker World Festival has concluded, with the final hand dealt this past Tuesday. Players competed fiercely over the past few weeks, and the $250 million guaranteed was well surpassed—both the guarantee, which we upped and the total prize pool—but more later. For now, let’s get into the action and see what happened with the final $40+ million and the leaderboards over the last 223 tournaments of the series.


Leaderboard Updates

Before diving into the highlights from the past week’s tournaments, let’s take a look at the final standings on the leaderboards and celebrate the biggest winners of the $2,500,000 in prizes:

Super High Leaderboard

The Super High Leaderboard awarded $1,000,000 to the top 100 players, with $100,000 going to first. R Romanovskyi led this leaderboard from start to finish, earning the top prize and accumulating 4,491.11 points. David Peters pulled ahead of Niklas Astedt for second place over the last weekend, finishing with 3,602.15 points to Astedt’s 3,539.85. Bert Stevens also had a great week, managing to finish the series with 3,470.41 points, good for fourth place, having passed Andrii Derzhypilskyi, who finished fifth with 3,463.35 points.

High Leaderboard

Nothing changed at the top of the High Leaderboard over the last weekend as players chased the biggest share of the $750,000 available. Jacopo Olivieri maintained his spot at the top with 6,878.28 points and collected a $60,000 reward. ‘AyrtonSenn@’ finished second with 6,213.96 points, while ‘Iambeggar’ held third place with 6,189.38 points. ‘EvilDrake’ and ‘Chicharito14’ finished fourth and fifth places with 5,652.41 and 5,347.03 points, respectively.

Medium Leaderboard

The Medium Leaderboard offered $500,000 to the top 500 players, including $40,000 to first place. The final weekend saw ‘Bowrot-‘ stave off the challengers and finish victorious with 7,801.31 points. ‘zemachess’ fell for the second week in a row and finished third place with 7,611.08 points, while ‘KingOfAllIns’ climbed into second with 7,701.97 points. ‘buenaonda’ and ‘SpicyTaco’ rounded out the top five with 7,529.80 and 7,476.20 points, respectively in what was the tightest leaderboard race of the series.

Low Stakes Leaderboard

In the Low Stakes Leaderboard, ‘Survivor39’ (8,215.76 points) kept the top spot to earn $20,000 from the $250,000 available on the leaderboard. ‘TrebaKesaMoneys’ managed to outplay ‘Marin win’ to finish second with 8,176.95 points compared to the 8,113.85 points of the latter. The top 5 was rounded out by ‘Farsaa’ (7,736.14 points) and ‘Zlurrsk’ (7696.91 points).

Statistics from the 2024 GGPoker World Festival

The 2024 GGPoker World Festival has been a monumental success, surpassing all expectations with staggering figures. The festival featured an impressive $264.4 million in total guarantees, up from the initial $250 million, showcasing this series’s immense popularity and participation. The total prizes generated amounted to a remarkable $331.41 million, spread across an astounding 1,623 tournaments. This year’s festival drew an incredible 5,155,782 entrants, highlighting the global appeal and competitive spirit of the event.

Among the standout tournaments, the $1,500 buy-in GG World Championship culminated with a massive $10.7 million prize pool. The prestigious $10,300 GGMillion$ Super Main Event also concluded with an equally impressive $12.02 million prize pool. These figures reflect the high stakes and significant rewards that have defined the 2024 GGPoker World Festival, cementing its status as one of the premier events in the online poker world.

Tournament Highlights

Super High Roller Tier

This past weekend, the biggest event in the Super High Roller tier was Event 372-S: $10,300 GGMillion$ High Rollers, which boasted a $1,000,000 guarantee. With 161 entrants, the prize pool reached an incredible $1,610,000. ‘d1nzvoz’ took first place, earning $323,977.51 after an incredible final table stacked with talent. Arsenii Malinov finished second, taking home $254,025.58, while Chris Klodnicki came in third. If you want to watch the final table play out in style, you can find it here.

Another notable Super High tier event was Event 375-S: $25,500 Sunday Super High Roller. This tournament drew just 19 participants, creating an impressive $4750,000 prize pool, well over the $250,000 guarantee. A Derzhypilskyi emerged victorious after the gruelling event, winning $203,374.63. Leonard Maue took second place worth $152,509.45, while ‘P0PE’ secured third with $114,365.96.

High Tier

In the High tier, Event 372-H: $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers World Festival exceeded its $750,000 guarantee, amassing a $793,000 prize pool from 793 entrants. ‘TakeMyMoney!’ emerged victorious, winning $109,857.15. ‘PfromE1991’ took second, earning $84,221.68 and Sven Andersson claimed third place, winning $64,568.71.

The big event from the weekend at the High tier was the $210 Global MILLION$ Mystery Closer. Offer multiple day 1’s leading up to the Day 2 finale, the $5,000,000 guarantee was surpassed when a total of 27,085 players entered the race. Only 2,379 survived to the second day of play and a share of the $5,417,000 prize pool. The event ended shortly after a 3-way deal was struck between A Piekazewicz ($178,851.60 + $6,590 in bounties), ‘ALLinPav’ ($144,491.04 + $2,920 in bounties), and ‘AKallin123’ ($137,695.52 + $1,580 in bounties. While all 3 of these players did extremely well, the biggest winner from the event was ‘Hu999’ who, while earning a meager $2,081.79 for finishing 164th, did find the big Mystery Bounty and ended the day with $502,400 in bounty rewards. 

Medium Tier

In the Medium tier, Event 373-M: $25 Sunday Bounty Hunters Big Game surpassed its $250,000 guarantee, creating a $309,325.60 prize pool from a massive 13,333 entrants. ‘EnoEccelso’ emerged victorious, winning $11,130.55 plus $10,139.55 in bounties, for a total of $21,270. ‘krzyjdas’ took second, earning $11,095.08 plus $1,332.36 in bounties, for a total of $12,427.44, and ‘Erchi’ secured third place with a payout of $8,254.47 plus $476.37 in bounties, totaling $8,730.84.

Event 372-M: $150 GGMasters Festival Edition also exceeded its guarantee of $500,000, creating a $552,966 prize pool from 4,007 entrants. ‘Maxxalba1’ won the event, taking home $61,776.18. ‘ELbruxo’ finished second, earning $46,324.17. ‘BELIEVER’ secured third place with a payout of $34,738.22.

Low Tier

In the Low tier, Event 361-L: $25 Saturday Mini Secret KO [Mystery Bounty] exceeded its $250,000 guarantee with 13,087 players creating a prize pool of $311,470.60. ‘luckycat69’ emerged victorious after a heads-up battle with ‘Zh_Xiao.’ The victor, ‘luckycat69’ earned $13,360.62 plus $329 in bounties, for a total of $13,689.62 while ‘Zh_Xiao’ took home $10,011.80 and $505 in bounty rewards. The tournament’s biggest winner was the player who finished in 141st, ‘9_9’ found the biggest bounty of the tournament and earned $136.61 for the finish and $25,868 in bounties.

The last of the big highlights from the weekend was Event 372-L: $15 Sunday Hundred Grand. The $100,000 guarantee attracted a surprising 8,901 players, creating a $122,833.82 prize pool. The tournament took just over 11 hours to complete and saw ‘BumhuntVamoo’ win the event, taking home $11,771.85.

Some micro is Coming

As we bring the 2024 GGPoker World Festival to a close, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the players who made this series an incredible success. Congratulations to all the winners who showcased their exceptional skills and determination. Looking ahead, the excitement continues with the upcoming microFestival. Stay tuned for more details and keep checking back for updates. We promise more thrilling events and opportunities to win big in the near future!


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