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Tips for Playing Short-Stacked in Poker

Playing short-stacked in poker, particularly in online environments, is a scenario many players dread yet inevitably encounter. But what if I told you that this apparent setback could be turned into a strategic advantage? Understanding...

The Art of the Delayed Continuation Bet

The Delayed C-Bet is a strategy where you, the pre-flop aggressor, decide to take a pause on the flop, only to continue your aggressive betting on the turn.

The Evolution of Online Poker

Have you ever wondered how online poker sprouted from its humble beginnings into the worldwide phenomenon it is today? What seismic shifts in technology helped shape its course? Well,...

Connections Between Poker and Other...

What separates an excellent poker player from a novice? Is it pure luck or a mysterious sixth sense? Far from it. Like any mind sport, poker is a battlefield of wit, strategy, and mental endurance.

The Art of the Hero...

In the glamorous world of poker, a hero call is when you’re holding a marginal hand, your opponent is betting like they’ve got a powerhouse, but your gut screams at you to call.

Polarized Ranges

Ever found yourself mesmerized by the enigma of a poker game, wondering how to perfect your strategy? The answer is as subtle as a stroke with a single-bristled brush.

Stealing Blinds: Tips for Success

Ah, my dear friends, do you hear that enchanting clink of chips against the green felt of the poker table? Can you feel the tension and electric anticipation coursing through the air?

Postflop Play Strategies

In poker, as in life, the greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we do. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be even better if we didn’t fall as often in the first place?

A Guide to Heads-Up Play

Master the advanced heads-up poker strategies so you can adapt to your opponent's style and exploit patterns and tells for victory.

Evolution of Poker Lexicography

Delve into poker's evolving language, a reflection of its rich history and the minds that forged it and the unique lexicon!

An Introduction to the Science...

Ever come across a poker player claiming to possess a “sixth sense” for the next card? It’s an intriguing thought experiment.

The Fun of Prop Betting

So, you want to hear about poker prop bets, do you? Well, strap in, my friend, because I’ve got some stories to tell you. As a poker player and writer,...

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GGPoker microFestival Returns On June 23 With $10M Guarantee

GGPoker Launches Second Year Of microFestival Online Poker Series with $10 Million Guaranteed Prize Pool Running from June 23 through July 7, players can buy...

WSOP 2024: Big Huni Wins the Money as Hunichen Claims First Bracelet, Neves Dominates the Monster Stack Finale

A staggering ten WSOP bracelet events took place on Day 24 of the 2024 World Series of Poker, as players such as Chris Hunichen,...

GGPoker 2024 GG World Festival – Finale

The 2024 GGPoker World Festival has concluded, with the final hand dealt this past Tuesday. Players competed fiercely over the past few weeks, and the $250...

WSOP 2024: Sergio Aido Takes Chance for First Bracelet, Scott Seiver Wins Sixth as First Double Winner in Series

An epic day of action in the 2024 World Series of Poker saw Sergio Aido start his WSOP run with a first gold bracelet...